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I absolutely love Anne Frank, and this past fall B {that's my hubby} & I vacationed in Washington DC.  We {I should say he, he's a nerd when it comes to planning...ha ha} had plans of every spot we wanted to visit.  He had been there on his 5th grade class trip {many ;-) years ago}, I did not go on my trip { which wasn't quite as long ago ;-)}...{my daddy didn't want me on some bus with a crazy driver, lol} was all planned out.  We went to visit the Holocaust Memorial on Tuesday {I think}...we went in and wandered around, and didn't really know where to go or what to do, it was a beautiful building but we saw nothing really pertaining to the memory of the Holocaust.  So, we didn't stay long.  MISTAKE....we went on about our day, and later in the evening back at the room, B gets on the net to find how much we missed!  SOOOOOO, you guessed it, we decided to go back.  And I'm so thankful we did, next to "All Things LINCOLN {he's my boyfriend don't ya know?} this was my favorite part of the trip!!!

here's the link to the Museum I highly recommend going there.  And it is on the top of my list to go next time...hint, hint to B!! ;-)

 These images are all from the Museum website above. 

This image was AMAZING, while at the time also SO HORRIBLE as well!  
This information below (also from the website) is a description of the picture above.

"Visitors frequently report that the sight and smell of the 4,000 victim shoes is the most searing memory from their time in the Permanent Exhibition. Shoes were just one category of belongings the Nazis systematically confiscated from their victims at the killing centers of Bełżec, Sobibór, Treblinka, Chełmno, Majdanek, and Auschwitz-Birkenau. Vast quantities of clothing, eyeglasses, kitchen utensils, hair- and toothbrushes—every kind of personal item—were seized and shipped to Germany or distributed to the local populations. Leather goods, including shoes, were to be repaired by concentration camp prisoners or broken down to be recycled for other purposes.
When Soviet troops liberated the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek camps, they discovered huge mounds of shoes, hundreds of thousands of pairs, but very few living prisoners. At the sight of these inanimate witnesses, veteran CBS News correspondent Edward R. Murrow commented, “One shoe, two shoes, a dozen shoes, yes. But how can you describe several thousand shoes?”
The 4,000 shoes displayed in the Permanent Exhibition are on loan from the State Museum of Majdanek in Lublin, Poland, and represent a tiny fraction of those found at Majdanek in 1944."

The most striking thing about the Museum to me is the way it is all presented to you.  When you go in it's all an open area, you go off to the right hand side and come to a set of elevators on your left, there will be someone there to assist you!! ;-) {we did not see this the first day we went}  There is a display there where you select a card, and I do not want to give any details away {because it was awesome to me going in not knowing what to expect!!!  So, if you plan to visit skip this part if you wish!  Now, where was I?  When you take a card and step into the elevator you are being transported basically back to the actual Holocaust.  The card you're given is an identity!!!  You select male or female...I of course being female, selected female....ha ha....and you continue on through the Museum as this person, each floor or section reading a new part of your card!  To me this was wonderful actually learning about this person in particular.  You know the name, and many more details about this person, you also learn if you {as this person} survived or perished.  It was absolutely amazing to me.....side note, I survived, B, if I remember correctly his person did not!  I plan to share more from our visit to DC, I'll make it a link on the sidebar for future reference...I will also soon, share my identity card with you, it is so neat!

Originally this post was going to be more about Anne Frank and quotes that she spoken, but turned into much more, and I'm pretty wishy-washy soooooo...I'll also share more on my love for her later also ;-)

Until next time!

Be Blessed!  Oh, and TGIF!!!!!!

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